Deal of the day: 4TB Crucial P3 SSD returns to best-ever price

Last chance saloon.

4TB Crucial P3 - Stock Up!

The days of ultra-cheap SSDs may have come to an end, yet good deals remain if you know where to look. We often hear from readers who lament having missed out on last year’s stockpile. If that’s you, listen up as a slew of Crucial drives are back down to similar prices.

Here in Blighty, the pick of the bunch is the 4TB Crucial P3. While not the quickest, this PCIe Gen 3 drive hits speeds of up to 3,500MB/s and represents a healthy upgrade over a SATA disk. Better still, Amazon UK currently offers a £25 voucher, reducing the total cost from £179.99 to £154.99.

Crucial P3

4TB Crucial P3

“Get faster bootups, downloads, and file transfers, and store all your files, photos, videos, apps, and games with room to spare with the quality and dependability you expect from Crucial.”

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In today’s market, that’s as good as it gets for a 4TB M.2 drive from a reputable brand. Prefer a little more speed? Crucial’s PCIe Gen 4 variant, the 4TB P3 Plus, also has a handy £20 voucher, bringing the cost down to £179.

It’s similarly good news for shoppers in the EU. Amazon France and Amazon Germany, for example, currently offer €20 vouchers on either the 4TB P3 or P3 Plus, returning prices back below €200. Putting reductions into perspective, prices aren’t as favourable across the pond, where the 4TB P3 Plus currently fetches $229.35.

With SSD prices forecasted to continue rising, this may be the last opportunity to bag a high-capacity upgrade. We’ll search the shelves each day for more discounts. Check our deals page to see what else is in the bargain bins. If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our free newsletter, we’ll even deliver to your inbox.