Deal of the day: don’t miss this epic cashback offer on Samsung’s flagship 990 Pro 2TB SSD

PCIe 4.0 drives don't come much better than this.

Cashback - Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD

Samsung 990 Pro 2TB SSD

“The in-house controller’s smart heat control delivers supreme power efficiency while maintaining ferocious speed and performance, so you can stay at the top of your game.”

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A deluge of SSD deals has made 2023 an opportune time to upgrade to faster, more spacious storage. There’s a natural tendency to target as low a price as possible, yet with prices continuing to fall, there’s no need to skimp on quality.

Those who appreciate high-speed solutions naturally gravitate toward Samsung, and the firm’s best-ever consumer SSD, the 2TB 990 Pro, is shining brighter than ever before as a result of a two-pronged promotion. Not only has the retail price fallen to £169 / $159, but said drive is also now eligible for £50 cashback, reducing total cost to under £120!

Samsung’s Summer Cashback offer applies to drives purchased from a participating retailer up until July 4 (don’t worry, Amazon is included), though you must remember to submit your claim within 30 days of purchase. The form you need is right over here.

CrystalDiskMark - Sequential Read

Why choose this drive over other, more affordable 2TB solutions? Well, it’s about as fast as they come, with sequential read and write speeds of 7,450MB/s and 6,900MB/s, respectively, plus with 2GB of LPDDR4 cache partnered to an in-house controller, the 990 Pro is well equipped for just about any workload.

It is the natural choice for a high-end rig, at least until PCIe 5.0 pricing comes down to a more agreeable level. Need to see more benchmarks before adding to basket? Head over to our in-depth review to find out all the reasons why the Samsung 990 Pro 2TB is Club386 Recommended.