Enermax recalls Revolution series PSUs

Great move.

Enermax Revolution D.F. 2 PSU in a box.
Background by Kelli McClintock.

Enermax has issued a recall for its Revolution D.F. 2 and D.F. X PSU series due to a faulty component. Making the process as smooth as possible, the brand invites users to RMA their units using the provided pre-paid return shipping label.

Following a large and unusual amount of RMA concerning its Revolution D.F.2 and D.F.X PSU series, Enermax has discovered that many units suffered from a faulty fan bearing. This issue caused oil leakage which subsequently rendered the fan noisier. The leak didn’t have a specific trigger, it simply happened with time and use.

Enermax says while not all units have the issue, it’ll replace any model purchased in 2023. Unlike the originals, these replacements come with dual ball bearings fans instead.

The brand will provide both a pre-paid return shipping label and cover shipping costs for the replacement unit. Parallelly, Enermax has also mentioned an advanced RMA process for those who want a faster replacement. We suppose the latter means that Enermax will send a replacement fan to users capable of swapping it by themselves. Furthermore, the original warranty will remain unaffected.

To verify that you bought or received a revised unit, check out if your PSU and box come with the ‘OC Pass’ and ‘Equipped with Industrial Grade Dual-Ball Bearing Fan’ labels visible in the pictures below.

If you own one of these series and care about a replacement, you can contact Enermax via the links below:

Global here
USA and Canada here
Japan here
Europe here
Taiwan here

“While not all units are affected by this issue, as a precaution and as part of our commitment to product quality, we are initiating a voluntary product replacement program for owners of Revolution D.F. 2 & Revolution D.F. X series PSUs purchased in 2023. Replacement units will be equipped with industrial-grade dual ball bearings known for their durability and longevity.” Said Enermax.

Kudos to Enermax for this move, we need more brands that recognise product issues and actively fix them.