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The Roundup: Original Xbox launch anniversary tech news takeaway

Here is the rest of the most important tech news for Monday.
Xbox UI

Microsoft’s new Xbox dashboard UI looks nicer by offering more room for backgrounds

Microsoft listens to user feedback and offers a fresh UI design for Xbox consoles.
James Sunderland Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 remake officially announced with bone-chilling trailer

After years of speculation and rumors, the Silent Hill 2 remake has finally been announced.
Spider-Man Remastered PC Feature

Spider-Man Remastered gets a thumbs up from Valve – Steam Deck-verified

Gaming on the go just got a whole lot better – Steam Deck gets full support for upcoming Spider-Man Remastered.
PS5 - Oberson Plus 6nm

First PS5 die shrink spotted as Sony quietly shifts to efficient 6nm chip

Have the building blocks for Sony's 2023 PS5 redesign already been revealed?
PS5 training to become a pro

Rumours say PlayStation 5 Pro, codename Trinity, will unleash double the GPU power

Rumour claims PlayStation 5 Pro will feature 23 teraflops GPU and 20GB of memory.

Starfield system requirements recommend an i5-10600K CPU, RTX 2080 graphics and SSD storage

No 30fps limit here, though Starfield PC specs are a bit high for AMD requiring an RX 6800 XT plus Ryzen 5 3600X.
PC Gaming

Sony’s PS5 price increase could be the perfect excuse to revisit PC gaming

Fed up of waiting for PS5 stock only to find prices are going up? There are bargains to be had in the PC market.
Razer Edge

Razer Edge cloud gaming handheld confirmed for January 2023 launch

The gaming handheld market is hotting up as another big player enters the streaming arena.

Xbox and Sonic sweepstakes offer awesome custom console and bizarre furry controllers

Not sure about those joypads, though perhaps they'll keep your hands warm?
PS Studios PC

Marvel’s Spider-Man references PlayStation PC launcher deep within its files

Data miners have discovered hidden references in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered, alluding to a PlayStation PC launcher.

Sony bets big on pay-as-you-play with 10 live service games in the works

PlayStation boss reveals ambitious plan to launch 10 live service games by March 2026.

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