Here are all Steam Sale dates for the first half of 2024

My wallet is dry, leave me alone.

Steam Logo.

Steam has announced the dates of its upcoming sales and festivals where games are heavily discounted. From basic 10% off on recent AAA releases up to a 95% discount on old or indie games, there’s a lot to grab.

In addition to the Winter Sale, which is scheduled from December 21 to January 4, 2024, Steam looks forward to two major sale events. The first is for Spring, taking place from March 14 to 21, and the second is for Summer, going from June 27 to July 11.

Steam fills the gaps between these events with a bunch of smaller ones dedicated to specific game genres. Notably, we have one for Pirates and Ninjas, where we could see discounts on Sea of Thieves and Lego Pirates of The Caribbean. Plus, the mandatory open-world fest where we should find heavy hitters like Red Dead Redemption II and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Steam Sale schedule for 2024

  • Capitalism and Economy Fest – from January 8 to 15
  • Pirates vs. Ninjas Fest – from January 22 to 29
  • Next Fest – from February 5 to 12
  • Remote Play Together – from February 12 to 19
  • Dinos vs. Robots Fest – from February 26 to March 4
  • Spring Sale – from March 14 to 21 (major seasonal sale)
  • Deckbuilders Fest – from March 25 to April 1
  • FPS Fest – from April 15 to 22
  • Farming Fest – from April 29 to May 6
  • Endless Replayability Fest – from May 13 to 20
  • Open World Survival Crafting Fest – from May 27 to June 3
  • Next Fest – from June 10 to 17
  • Summer Sale – from June 27 to July 11 (major seasonal sale)

Like the Steam Autumn Sale, we’ll keep you updated on any nice deals that pop up. You could add these sales to your calendar, but the best move is to add anything you want to your Steam wishlist. Valve will send you a notification about any discounted game the moment it drops. Then, all you need is to check SteamDB prices to see if the deal is worth it. If not, wait for the next sale.