Lian Li crafts the perfect standing desk complete with a built-in OLED

Stand up!

We love standing desks. There’s nothing wrong with normal tables, of course, but standing models are incredibly good for your physical and mental health. Lian Li knows they’re a complete game-changer, which is why the brand has conceptualised the perfect device from surface to feet. Unfortunately, you can’t buy one just yet, though.

Announced yesterday during the Lian Li 2024 Digital Expo, the DK-07 is basically the dream standing desk-PC case hybrid. The most obvious selling point for this is the big 30in OLED display in the centre of it. It’s a cool gimmick meant for style more than substance. Don’t expect to use it as a second monitor unless you want severe neck cramps. It’s a cool feature, though, and we’re excited about the desk for plenty of other reasons.

As a PC case, there’s plenty of space for SSDs, fans, and the chonkiest Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. Having your PC inside your desk is a great space saver. It also makes it a little bit easier to clean once you move your peripherals out of the way. However, it’s the auxiliary features that have truly piqued my interest.

Some might consider these bonus features, but they really help the DK-07 stand out. The headline for me is the cupholder. Not only does it hold drinks, keeping them out of the way, but it controls the temperature. You can chill your soda or relish the moment your coffee is still hot – perfect if you have a nasty habit of forgetting about it.

There’s also a top drawer for storage with six sections, which we adore. It’s hard keeping a desk clean, especially if you’ve got things like controllers, headphones, spare batteries for your Meta Quest 3, a collection of DnD dice, and a garlic stress ball from Vampire Survivors on your desk, let alone anything that you’re adorable children bring through for you. Alright, this is probably a writer-specific issue, but you get the gist.

Finally, there’s a retractable USB and power hub. It’s ideal for charging all your gadgets and gizmos, but stashing it away when it’s not in use. Honestly, this is the icing on the cake for us.

Sadly, DK-07 is just a prototype with no firm plans to release yet. If it does come to market, you can be sure I’m snapping one up immediately.