Logitech banks on an AI mouse for some reason

Just make every key bring up an AI tab.

Logitech Signature AI Edition M750 mouse gives you quick access to the brand's artificial intelligence app.

Despite its infancy, every brand wants AI in just about everything, software and hardware alike. Logitech attempts to make things easier with its own AI Prompt Builder, but you’ll probably need new peripherals to make it work.

Hooked up to ChatGPT, The Logi AI Prompt Builder is a simplified chatbot with built-in “recipes.” The Verge describes it as offering preset prompts that help you get where you need to be a little quicker. This includes summerising press releases, rephrasing paragraphs with different tones and lengths, and creating emails to your colleagues.

Given the name of the app, it’s probably not surprising to learn you can even customise your own presets. Author Emilia David leverages her ChatGPT Plus subscription to create a prompt that generates images. Exactly what you can do depends on what platform AI Prompt Builder draws from, which brings me to my first caveat.

Initially, you’ll only have access to ChatGPT, as Logitech is still working on integrating more platforms. This means there’s no Microsoft Copilot, Google Gemini, Grok, Midjourney, or DALL-E support just yet. Unfortunately, this is also only available in English and it will take some time to apply different translations.

Even if you can understand the app, however, it’s the barrier to entry that gets me. There’s a Signature AI Edition M750 mouse that swaps the DPI switch for a dedicated teal-coloured AI button. You don’t need this $49.99 / £54.99 model to use the app, but you do need a newer Logitech device. David’s M557 from 2022 just didn’t make the cut.

Personally, I’m concerned about how many dedicated AI buttons we really need. Alongside Microsoft’s Copilot key that debuted at the start of the year, this makes two and it certainly won’t be the last. I prefer 65% keyboards, so it’s not like I have spare keys to cut for our AI overlords. Worse yet, how much extra power will AI consume? Arm CEO Rene Haas thinks it’ll account for a quarter of US power usage by 2023.