MGS Master Collection still has no keyboard and mouse support

A dud?!

Solid Snake using a laptop in Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, with a No Symbol over the device.

Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 releases tomorrow, but there’s still no sign of mouse and keyboard support on PC. For the time being, you’ll still need to whip out your favourite controller to step into Snake’s iconic shoes.

Given my love for the Metal Gear Solid series, the Master Collection should be an instant pre-order. After all, it’s the only way to play MGS3 on modern systems, including PC for the very first time. There’s some love and care placed in the first MGS, updating iconic systems that are otherwise outdated – Psycho Mantis, anyone? And it’ll even include the Integral additions, like VR missions. With Konami missing a basic feature, however, it’s difficult to feel as though the publisher cares beyond its bottom line.

Both MGS and MGS2 came to PC two years after their 1998 and 2001 PlayStation releases, respectively. They were also re-released on GOG in 2020, giving modern gamers a chance to experience the classics. All have issues with limited resolution settings and crashing at important moments, but they still support keyboard and mouse controls.

Konami acknowledged the Master Collection outcry, telling PCGamesN that it’s working on keyboard and mouse implementation. We had hoped to hear something closer to release, but Steam still says each game “ requires a controller in order to play. Playing with a keyboard and mouse isn’t supported.” Granted, a controller is the definitive way to play each game. That’s how they were first designed. Removing options isn’t a good look in 2023, though, and Konami already has an uphill battle to redeem itself.

After a public falling out with series creator Hideo Kojima in 2015, fans lost a lot of faith in Konami. Metal Gear Survive, the publisher’s first and only entry after his departure, didn’t do a whole lot to restore its image. The survival spin-off banked on goodwill from The Phantom Pain but was lambasted for its generic re-use of assets and microtransactions. Since then, there’s been little life in the series aside from Snake Eater pachinko machines in Japan.

The Master Collection is Konami’s first chance in over five years to win back legacy fans as well as onboard new ones. A poor impression, like the lack of keyboard and mouse support in the Master Collection, could cast a cloud over Metal Gear Solid Delta – the MGS3 remake headed to Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC in the next few years.

For now, it’s worth holding off purchasing the ports to see how Konami handles the launch. After all, you can’t pin your hopes on ifs and maybes.