MSI reckons this 27in fast IPS gaming panel is all you need for esports gaming

Everybody loves IPS.

MSI G2712

MSI just debuted the G2712 27in IPS panel FHD monitor offering a 1ms (MPRT) response times, 170Hz refresh rate, and support for AMD FreeSync Premium. Ticking many of the right boxes for the competitive esports scene, whether you’re an FPS junkie or MOBA/RPG geek, this monitor has you covered, though a faster refresh rate would have been preferable. 240Hz-plus is where it’s now at.

In terms of design, the monitor is an all-black affair and built mostly of plastic. It is also frameless in nature, besides a bottom chin that sports a stealthy black MSI logo, bottom centre. The rear is where you’ll find much of the same, except for a red joystick for on-screen menus and navigation, plus 100×100 VESA-compatible mount screw holes. Neat and not too flashy, the subtle design cues will fit in most if not all PC desktop setups.


Specs may not blow you mind, but it’s more than enough to get you started. Full HD resolution at 170Hz refresh rate is covered by a single DisplayPort 1.2a connection, with HDMI 1.4b getting two ports. Going down this route limits the refresh rate to 144Hz. Also, there’s a tried-and-trusted 3.5mm jack for audio – you can never go wrong with those.

Rounding off, the screen is rated for 250 nits peak brightness, a 1,100:1 contrast ratio, and covers 101.91 per cent sRGB, and 81.1 per cent of the wider DCI-P3 colour gamut. Meaning, you could get some colour-sensitive work done, but it’s clear that this panel is geared exclusively toward the gaming market.

Why IPS, you ask? Well, VA panels are positioned as enjoying ultra-fast refresh rates, deep, vivid blacks, and high-contrast colours. However, the way motion is depicted from this type of panel technology is recognisably different than its IPS siblings, often contributing to ghosting, motion blur, and smearing, which is a no bueno when trying to maintain that high K/D ratio. IPS has the upper hand in competitive-play titles because of how crispy-clear it outputs fast-moving images, and not forgetting to mention wider viewing angles.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for competitive esports players to opt for a high-refresh rate IPS panel, however the price of admission leaves a lot to be desired for us budget-friendly folk.

Which begs the question, though no monetary value has been set for this particular monitor, looking at the specs, we’re wondering if this one will be priced from a value-oriented perspective. If so, it could be a worthwhile proposition.