Novel marketing – buy a GeForce RTX 4090 and get a free Intel Arc A750 graphics card

Two for the price of one?

Intel Arc A750 For Free

Now that PC graphics card prices are firmly in the normal realm – with many available for less than RRP, hooray – enterprising retailers are finding novel, leftfield ways of promoting sales. Take Japanese-based NTT-X as an example. According to PC Watch, users purchasing an Asus TUF-RTX4090-O24G-GAMING card will receive a gift. One would ordinarily assume it’s a game code or rebate of some sort. Not a bit of it; said gift is, wait for it, an Intel Arc A750 graphics card. Interesting.

Image credit: PC Watch

How strange, indeed. Taken at face value, the RTX 4090 costs the equivalent of £1,881, including local consumption tax, so on a par with what we’d expect to pay for an overclocked champion Ada over here. The Intel Arc A750, meanwhile, is listed as $42,000, or around £250 including tax, so pricing remains similar worldwide.

The promotion is open until April 30 but will stop if limited stock is exhausted. It’s curious that the online retailer – and a pretty big one at that – is giving away a card with another card; we can see very few reasons why you would need a second one, so the sensible move, instead, would be to reduce the price of RTX 4090 by a commensurate amount.

Whatever the case, if you happen to be in Japan and want an RTX 4090 and Arc A750 at the same time – perhaps you’re building two systems – then this is one of the most radical offers we’ve seen!