Our favourite PC case is down to its best price ever

Go North or go home.

Fractal Design North - Great Case, Fab Price

Bank holiday weekend is as good a time as any to plan your next PC build or upgrade. More so when a good deal can help get you started, and that extra incentive comes in the form of the gorgeous Fractal North chassis.

One of our favourite cases of all time has been reduced by 22% at Amazon UK, bringing the asking fee down from £139.99 to £108.99. Easily the best price we’ve seen to date, and a rare discount on what has proven to be a hugely popular case.

Fractal North PC case against white background.

Fractal North

“North reimagines the gaming PC, introducing natural materials and bespoke details to make gaming a stylish addition to the living space.”

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The discount is applicable to just one particular model – chalk white with mesh side panel – but let’s face it, that’s the pick of the bunch anyhow. So much so, in fact, that it happens to be the case I’m using for my personal rig.

Measuring 447mm x 215mm x 469mm in size, North is a well-proportioned mid-tower case with room for an ATX board, up to a 170mm-tall CPU cooler and a graphics card measuring up to 355mm long. There’s also provision for ample liquid cooling – a 240 up top or 360 in front – yet while there’s good scope for a powerful build, it’s the aesthetic that stands out.

Slithers of real oak adorning the front make it appear far more luxurious than your average PC case, and Fractal’s Scandinavian design clearly shines through. It is, in my estimation, one of the prettiest enclosures ever made, and yes, the mesh side panel does look better than the glass.

Fractal has recently expanded its North lineup with a roomier ‘XL’ model, but that’ll set you back a further £56. Regular North absolutely offers better value for most. Still undecided? Our reviews of both North and North XL will help make up your mind, and if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, the case also bodes well for a completely passive PC.

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