PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium brings 18 games with July’s lineup

Make time for some classics.

PlayStation Plus July Games

PlayStation has revealed its PS Plus Extra and Premium roster for this month, featuring fun titles such as Snowrunner, Sniper Elite 5, and It Takes Two.

18 games will be available this month – including three classics, from which we note, the excellent It Takes Two, a co-op platformer filled with unique levels and puzzles, Snowrunner, a sandbox trucking simulator where you deliver a multitude of cargo while fighting physically-detailed snow and mud, plus World War Z, a zombie-bashing game where you try to survive massive hordes of deads in locations like Moscow, Rome, and Marseille. Not to forget Sniper Elite 5, for those who like to let off some steam by head-shooting baddies during WWII.

PlayStation Plus July Games

Starting July 18, PS Plus Extra and Premium members will be able to play:

  • It Takes Two | PS4, PS5
  • Sniper Elite 5 | PS4, PS5
  • Snowrunner | PS4, PS5
  • World War Z | PS4, PS5
  • The Ascent | PS4, PS5
  • Undertale | PS4
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated | PS4
  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina | PS4
  • Dysmantle | PS4, PS5
  • Circus Electrique | PS4
  • Dynasty Warriors 9 | PS4
  • Samurai Warriors 5 | PS4
  • My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure | PS4, PS5
  • Fast & Furious: Spy Racers Rise of SH1FT3R | PS4, PS5
  • Monster Jam Steel Titans | PS4

In addition to the following PlayStation Premium Classics:

  • Gravity Crash Portable | PS4, PS5
  • Twisted Metal | PS4, PS5
  • Twisted Metal 2 | PS4, PS5

I remember playing the heck out of this game back on PS1, mainly choosing Axel (the guy who’s a prisoner in his own vehicle) while hunting the clown truck, for some reason. Excellent times, where basic AI was enough for hours of non-stop fun.