PS5 Pro may have better AMD Super Resolution tech than AMD

It gets better.

AMD is really trying to get ahead of things at the moment with in-house upscaling apparently going to take a big boost this year. However, according to one leaker, it seems as though it could be bested, not by another company as such, but by Sony’s PlayStation 5 Pro and how it uses its AMD GPU hardware. That’s a big old thing to wrap your head around, but hey, it is a Monday after all.

Moore’s Law is Dead is a general tech rumour and leak-monger. They put out a lot of videos and podcasts regarding just about every aspect of the tech world, and this time around they’ve put out a video on what they claim is a full PS5 Pro leak. They go into a lot of detail on just about every possible aspect of the upcoming console refresh, and while it’s all interesting stuff, albeit all very unconfirmed, one thing stands out, and that’s how the PS5 Pro will apparently do upscaling.

The leaker suggests that, based on a document they’ve come into possession of, the PS5 Pro will utilise its AMD GPU to implement AI upscaling via something called PSSR. This, in essence, is their take on AMD’s FSR and NVIDIA’s DLSS, and will apparently be so powerful that it’ll outperform AMD’s offering. It apparently also won’t require title training, meaning it’ll just work by default and will allow for dynamic input resolution, too, so this shouldn’t make developers’ lives any harder.

It’s been rumoured for a while that Sony is working on something along the lines of DLSS, and given that’s the case, and this leak, it would seem as though we’ll see what they’re capable of when the PlayStation 5 Pro actually launches. Aside from the leak itself being interesting, it really makes you wonder why AMD hasn’t been able to do this with its own hardware.

The company is working on it, sure, but it seems borderline silly that a company other than AMD would be able to get this all working on AMD hardware before the company itself has really mastered it. It does have us rather excited to see what the PlayStation 5 Pro can offer in terms of raw power too. Again though, these are all leaks, so while they might be true, we’re not going on the record as saying that’s the case, and you should take it with a pinch of salt.