Samsung is priming to launch the world’s first triple-foldable

The race is open.

Samsung Galaxy Tri-Fold smartphone.

Rumours suggest Samsung is preparing a triple-foldable smartphone sooner than expected. The brand is presumably rushing this world’s first concept in order to beat its competitors and claim the title.

According to Tech_Reve on X, Samsung is forced to react quickly if it wants the world’s first title. Huawei already has a triple-fold smartphone in the pipeline due for the second quarter of this year. This means that the Korean brand doesn’t have much time left. We’re already midway through the first quarter, leaving just a couple of months at best for Samsung to do something. Not to forget that such a move would disrupt the brand’s launch schedule for other products.

Regarding specs, we don’t know much. That said, we expect the usual triple camera setup alongside a selfie camera – potentially under the screen. As a high-end product, performance should be good, with a longer battery capacity afforded by the extra space.

If the final product ends up looking like the picture above, I must say, it looks nice. However, the dual hinge will double the trouble. Not only will it make it unavoidably thicker, but more moving parts introduce more risk. My colleague, Damien, has already experienced a Flip4 hinge give out, and this will feature two that could give up the ghost.

Granted, his woes are with a fourth generation device, but will the sixth generation be enough of a leap to calm these fears? Only time will tell. For my part, I rather stay with the tried and tested single-screen phones, at least for the possible future.