Samsung Odyssey G5 monitor plunges to best price with 45% off

A wrap-around display for under $300.

Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor plummets to its best price ever.
Samsung Odyssey G5 gaming monitor from 2020 against a white background.

Samsung Odyssey G5 Gaming monitor

“Vivid scenes wrap around you. The all-encompassing 1000R display fills every part of your peripheral vision and draws you right into the character’s shoes. Experience a level of gaming more heart-pounding than anything before with Samsung Odyssey G5.”

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OLED has stolen the spotlight in 2024, and for good reason. What that means for the rest of us, however, are cheaper LCD displays that still very much pack a punch. Samsung Odyssey G5 has long been reasonably affordable, but dropping to its lowest-ever price means it still goes toe-to-toe with modern gaming monitors a few years after release.

Striking the ideal balance between resolution and refresh used to be a nightmare. It would be one, the other, or cost you an arm, leg, and soul for both. With 3440×1440 at 165Hz, the 34in Samsung Odyssey G5 doesn’t have that issue. This is especially true with 45% off its usual price, costing you just $299.99 on Amazon US. We’ve never seen it lower in the region.

If you’d rather buy from the UK store, then its 17% discount brings it down to £374.99 instead. This is around £9 above its best price in the country, which we saw on Black Friday last year.

The most eye-catching feature of the Samsung Odyssey G5 is its wrap-around nature. The 1,000R curve is much steeper than your usual ultrawide, and you’ll certainly notice it. I once reviewed the Samsung Odyssey G7, and my peepers did not enjoy giving it back. This is partly because 1,000R is much closer to your eyeball’s natural curve, reducing the distortion in the monitor’s corners. Not only does this let you play games for longer without fatigue, but it’s also beneficial for your long-term health.

Other features include a 1ms response time to keep colours consistent, AMD FreeSync Premium to ensure your screen doesn’t tear, and HDR10 to handle bright and dark images better. You could say this one’s jam-packed.

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