Samsung sees through competition with transparent Micro-LED display

Excellent for store windows.

Samsung transparent Micro-LED screen.

Samsung has showcased its latest see-through display during CES 2024. This version uses Micro-LED technology instead of LCD or OLED, allowing it to deliver higher contrast and colours all while permitting light to shine through.

This is not the first time we see transparent displays, but it’s a first for Micro-LED. As a reminder, Micro-LED panels are made of millions of tiny LEDs. This means they self-emit light and thus don’t need to hide a light source on the edge/bezel. Moreover, since this is also a self-emitting technology, it should also provide deeper black/contrast like OLEDs.

Compared to transparent OLED and transparent LCD screens, the Micro-LED-based model achieves higher brightness and colour saturation without limiting the clarity of the object behind it. Samsung talks about double the clarity compared to OLED. Another advantage of Micro-LED is its flexible size and shape configuration, enabling custom form factors.

Even though they can definitely be used at home, these will be best employed by shop owners and retail stores. Their transparent nature allows display of information such as product details and pricing while permitting direct view of said items. It could also be used during sports events as a stadium skybox window showing scores and other stats without blocking the view over the match.

Unfortunately, you can bet such technology will be very expensive, which is understandable. But with time it may become as common as LCDs are nowadays.

In other news, Samsung has launched its first 42in and 48in OLED TVs. The brand also showcased new QD-OLED TVs alongside a new anti-glare layer for its OLED offerings which reduces reflection in bright rooms at the expense of a glossy screen. Not to forget that impressive 8K wireless ultra-short-throw projector delivering a 150in image at 12in wall distance. For gamers, the brand has already announced its OLED G6, G8, and G9 lineup.