SilverStone launches SST-ECM28 M.2 riser card for NVMe and SATA SSDs

Handy for small or old PCs.

SilverStone SST-ECM28

SilverStone has announced the SST-ECM28, which is a PCIe riser card that offers two additional M.2 slots for those with older systems, or who need an extra M.2 slot in their computer.

One must say, SilverStone’s ability to make out-of-the-ordinary gadgets never stops. After the recent announcement of the ECS07 expansion card and its five extra SATA III ports, the brand is releasing yet another niche product, this time aimed at M.2 drives.

The so-called SST-ECM28 is a double-sided riser card that simultaneously accommodates an (M key) M.2 NVMe SSD on one side and a (B key) M.2 SATA SSD on the other. However, in order to use a SATA SSD, you will need to connect the card to your motherboard’s SATA ports using a SATA cable.

SilverStone SST-ECM28 - M key

The card is a smidge bigger than a 2280-format SSD, measuring only 15.5mm (W) x 32mm (H) x 118.4mm (D), allowing it to fit in tight chassis or between expansion cards in crowded PCs. While it has only an x4 PCIe interface, to get a secure connection we recommend installing it on an x16 slot, thus latching on to the locking mechanism.

The SST-ECM28 support 2230, 2242, 2260, and 2280 SSDs, so pretty much all the most common sizes. It’s obviously not the first module of its kind that can house two M.2 SSDs, but it is certainly one of the more compact solutions you can find.

SilverStone SST-ECM28 - B key

SilverStone has validated multiple SSDs on this adapter, such as WD_Black SN750, Intel 760p Series, and Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0, which we reviewed not long ago.

The SST-ECM28 has no price tag for now, but we assume it would be quite affordable thanks to low build complexity.