[Sponsored] AMD Ryzen PRO 5000 Series Processors – The Challenge: Doing More With Less

In current enterprise environments, the need for an efficient PC management solution is clear.

DASH Profiles

DASH defines profiles, documents that describe how parts of the DMTF Common Information Model (CIM) behave in desktop and mobile computers and their associated hardware, on top of the base CIM. DMTF has defined over 50 management profiles to date.

Note: Ultimately, our OEM partners determine which profiles are available per device. Customers should check with the manufacturer to confirm.

When selecting a client PC that claims to be DASH compliant, be aware that the DASH standard only requires seven (7) profiles as mandatory, and all others are optional.

That means a client PC can be DASH compliant but only support a few DASH standard-based features while having other major features all proprietary.


Ending with the profile discussion is a good way to gauge the scope and simplicity of the AMD PRO platform built on DASH visibility and control. It’s a single tool for leveraging lots of asset information in real-time, reducing the time and attention required to keep a fleet of PCs — no matter the size — connected and productive.

DASH utilizes an open, industry-standard set of access protocols—essentially web services—to manage out-of-band desktop and mobile clients, and provides the functionality to securely perform essential management tasks such as remote power control, updates and patches, remote diagnostics, and asset inventory. And because DASH is an extensible management framework, it will grow to support new client manageability features.

Built with this promise in mind, AMD PRO manageability provides organizations with the essential manageability features they need to support business objectives easily and flexibly, today and tomorrow.

With an open standards design that not only works within an existing environment but also enables true freedom of choice, AMD Ryzen™ processors with AMD PRO technologies deliver to commercial customers the modern performance, security features, and seamless management needed inside the most demanding business and technology environments.