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The main character of GTA 6 sits in a car holding cash.

You might be waiting until 2026 to play GTA 6 on PC

It looks like Rockstar might repeat itself with a GTA 6 console release first and a lengthy wait for the PC version.
GTA 6 Trailer - Lucia and Jason in a Bonnie and Clyde styled robbery scene.

Every detail in the GTA 6 trailer revealed

Rockstar released the highly-anticipated GTA 6 trailer earlier than expected. Here's every single detail examined.

Rockstar will drop the GTA 6 trailer next week

Rockstar has announced when we can expect to watch the GTA 6 trailer, and it's just around the corner.
GTA VI Fan Art

GTA 6 trailer will celebrate 25 years of Rockstar in December

Rockstar is ready to announce the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, as a GTA 6 trailer debuts next month.

Rockstar acquires GTA V and RDR roleplaying mod-maker Cfx.re

Cfx.re, the maker behind popular roleplaying mods FiveM and RedM, is now officially part of the Rockstar family.
Grand Theft Auto V police officers

Grand Theft Auto V feels much more realistic thanks to AI-powered NPCs

Modder added AI to GTA V bots and the results are impressive.
EveryWhere MindsEye

Ex-GTA head honcho debuts MindsEye trailer for upcoming AAA title Everywhere

MindsEye is a standalone premise set in Everywhere. A potential GTA Online killer from former Rockstar president, Leslie Benzies.
GTA V cover

Take Two CEO says GTA VI leak was terrible but won’t affect development window

Take Two publisher says expect no delays for GTA VI.
GTA Trilogy

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition gets a surprise update

A new patch popped up for Rockstar's GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition, and it's underwhelming at best.
Grand Theft Auto

Huge amount of GTA 6 gameplay leaks online

A disgruntled Rockstar employee allegedly leaks over one hour of GTA VI early test footage online.
Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

Grand Theft Auto Trilogy 1.04 patch adds over 100 fixes and improvements

The gaming industry continues to adopt a launch-first, patch-later strategy.

Rockstar says Grand Theft Auto 6 in development

No timescale on release, but gamers are bound to rejoice at the news.

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