TeamGroup launches ten new SSDs with SLC caching

Covering a wide range of performance.

Team Group T-Create Classic M.2 SSD

TeamGroup has announced the T-Create Classic C40 Gen 4 SSD series with a wide choice of capacity, speed, and durability to suit every need. Three models will be available, C47, C45, and C43 – the last letter seemingly indicating the rough read speeds in GB/s, delivering around 7,000MB/s, 5,000MB/s, and 3,000MB/s sequential read speeds, respectively.

Using a PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 interface alongside SLC caching and the NVMe protocol, the 2TB C47 model reaches heights of 7,400MB/s read and 7,000MB/s write speeds. The others take a hit on sequential write speeds, with the 4TB model dropping down to 4,800MB/s. Generally, that’s not too bad for a massive 5,800TBW (Terabytes Written) durability. They’re worthy successors to the T-Create Classic PCIe 4.0 DL SSD series.

Team Group T-Create Classic C40 Series M.2 Gen 4 SSDs

The C47, C45, and C43 all come in 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB sizes, with the C47 launching an extra 4TB variant. No matter what you grab, they all measure the same at 80mm (L) x 22mm (W) x 3.7mm (H) and are cooled by a thin graphene sheet.

For a detailed look, check the tables below.


CapacitySequential ReadSequential WriteTeraByte Written


CapacitySequential ReadSequential WriteTeraByte Written


CapacitySequential ReadSequential WriteTeraByte Written

The T-Create Classic C40 SSD series will be available on Taiwan and North America store shelves in November at an as yet unknown price, backed by a five-year warranty.

That said, you can expect these to be fairly affordable as they lack DRAM cache, especially the C43 lineup, which can be slower than some PCIe 3.0 drives.