Valve releases SteamOS 3.3 featuring loads of improvements and bug fixes

Nice to see a developer listening to community feedback.

Steam Deck

Valve has launched one of Steam Deck’s biggest system update providing many quality-of-life improvements such as achievements, guides, and night mode, alongside numerous bug fixes and performance tweaks.

Since this update has many changes, we will focus on the most important ones, starting with the introduction of a warning system signalling if your Steam Deck is too hot or too cold, thus enabling components to remain safe and run as intended.

As a recap, Steam Deck’s safe ambient operating range is from 0°C up to 35°C, and exceeding it may set off thermal throttling or even shut down the system for protection. This means that inside the machine, especially for CPU and GPU, temperature could be in triple-digit realm. In case you don’t know, at 100°C, the Steam Deck chip will throttle, and at 105°C, it will switch off.

As a reference, a Steam Deck will run at 60 to 70°C while gaming in a room at around 20°C ambient temperature. However, if you plan to go play outside during a below-zero winter day, think twice because the battery will not like that very much.

Steam Deck - Top

Another big change is the addition of an easily-accessible achievements section; just hit the Steam button while you are in a game and select achievements from the menu. Just below it, there is also a guide section written by community members to help if you are stuck in a game, searching for an overpowered technique to bully the AI, or simply to keep up with the latest glitches and mechanics. Just don’t forget liking the best guides, to thank the creator for their work and help other community members find the best ones.

Night owls among you aren’t forgotten, either. Now night mode can be scheduled, allowing you to choose when to start and stop, alongside the level of (yellow) tint applied depending on each’s taste.

Finally, before going into the full list of fixes, here are some worth noting. A new update selector offering a choice between stable, beta (for testing new steam features), or preview (for testing new Steam and system-level features). Improved external display scaling, and updated graphics drivers with compatibility and performance fixes.

Steam OS

The full patch note can be seen below:


  • Added Achievements page to overlay (while in-game press Steam button)
  • Added Guides page to overlay (while in-game press Steam button)
  • Added notification when Steam Deck temperature goes outside the safe operating range
  • Added a scheduled night mode feature, allowing players to choose if and when they’d like night mode to automatically turn on
  • Added a button to clear entered text in search bar
  • Adaptive Brightness toggle is now active again
  • Fixed notification for claiming digital rewards firing endlessly for some customers
  • Fixed issue with medium length game names in the Main Menu Overlay not properly scrolling
  • Fixed some issues with claiming Steam Deck digital rewards
  • Fixed sound playing for achievement progress notifications
  • Fixed washed-out colors in the Remote Play client when playing with specific hosts
  • Fixed Xbox login window for Flight Simulator and Halo Infinite not rendering certain characters properly

Steam Input

  • Added missing Deck buttons for Gyro Enable and Button Chord options
  • Added support for game-bundled Virtual Menu icons in the in-game Deck UI
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements


  • Added support for Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboard. We are still refining these keyboards, please provide feedback in the forums.
  • Added initial IBus IME input support on the desktop for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean keyboards
  • Fixed desktop mode keyboard sometimes failing to show or dismiss
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard showing up under the Steam or Quick Access menu
  • Updated keyboard behavior for improved fast typing on trackpad and touchscreen. (pressing a key while holding another key will now commit the held key instead of waiting for first to release)
  • Fixed some touch styling issues with the virtual keyboard

System Updates

  • Added a new Steam Deck software update channel selector – there are now three options:
  • Stable: Recommended experience for most users. This option will install the latest stable Steam Client and SteamOS.
  • Beta: Testing for new Steam features. Updates frequently. This option will install Steam Client Beta and the latest stable SteamOS.
  • Preview: Testing for new Steam and system-level features. Updates frequently. You may encounter issues. This option will install Steam Client Beta and the SteamOS Beta.
  • You will only see patch notes for the update channel you’ve selected.

Performance / Stability

  • Fixed some performance problems for users with many screenshots
  • Fixed several crashes related to managing screenshots
  • Fixed several crashes related to non-Steam shortcuts
  • Fixed some native Linux games not exiting when force-quit through Steam
  • Fixed flatpak Chrome closing improperly when quit through Steam
  • Fixed a bug where some flatpak applications (like Edge) couldn’t successfully quit
  • Fixed a performance issue with some games when the backlight changes intensity

Desktop Mode

  • Updated Firefox to be installed as a Flatpak, rather than from the OS repositories, to ensure timely updates
  • First-time launches of Firefox from the desktop will now prompt for installation via the Discover Software Center, which will handle updates as they are published.
  • Updated network connections created/edited on the desktop to default to system-wide, ensuring they are available in gaming mode
  • Added VGUI2 Classic Plasma Desktop theme
  • Resized virtual keyboard in Desktop mode to the appropriate dimensions
  • Added support for the Qanba Obsidian and Qanba Dragon arcade sticks in Desktop mode

Docked Mode

  • Added an option to scale the Steam Deck user interface for external displays
  • Added a toggle for automatic scaling of the Steam Deck user interface for external displays
  • Added ability to adjust image display settings for external displays that have overscan issues
  • Fixed the panel staying off when disconnecting from dock shortly after resuming from sleep
  • Fixed the panel backlight staying on while docked

Audio / Bluetooth

  • Fixed Bluetooth profile selection not being saved when switching away from Desktop mode
  • Fixed echo cancellation CPU overhead when the microphone isn’t being used, improving power usage in idle or near-idle scenarios
  • Fixed multi-channel audio on external displays
  • Fixed audio out on some capture cards
  • Fixed some instances of corrupt audio after resuming from sleep
  • Fixed audio output with some 32-bit games that use ALSA

Drivers / Firmware

  • Updated graphics driver with compatibility and performance fixes
  • Updated wireless driver with fixes for WiFi disconnection issues on 5Ghz
  • Updated controller firmware utilities to support future controller hardware revisions