Virgin launches Stream media box, an all-in-one streaming device

Flexibility is the name of the game.

Virgin Media has launched Stream, a puck-sized device akin to many streaming set top boxes you’ve seen before, though with an added benefit of bundling popular apps, video subscriptions and TV channels into one single payment, via a Virgin Media bill.

What is Virgin Stream?

Stream is a small set top box that’s plugged into any TV with an HDMI port, thus forgoing the need for classic cable television services, which often require cumbersome satellite dish support and costly installation.

The appeal is that all channels and streaming platforms available on Stream can be added on a rolling 30-day contract. This means you can chop and change content depending on your needs. All this is done via the My Virgin Media app. 

David Bouchier, Chief TV & Entertainment Officer at Virgin Media O2, said: “At a time of endless entertainment choice and a strain on household budgets, we’re putting viewers first. Stream customers will only pay for the entertainment they choose and can pocket monthly savings on the content they add – it is a truly flexible and personal way to enjoy the entertainment that matters most, at great value.”

Value for money?

Virgin offers additional incentives as it includes a 10 per cent saving on subscriptions. For example, if you opt in for Netflix, which is usually £10.99 a month for the standard package, you’ll pay £9.89 through Stream.

There is a bit of a ‘Catch 22’ however, despite the box costing a one-off payment of £35, you can’t sign up to Stream unless you have Virgin Media broadband, so you’ll also need to take this monthly Internet bill into account if considering purchase. A standard 50Mbps package from Virgin costs around £25 per month.

It’s still an enticing offer since many modern households often forego cable television in lieu of video subscription services. The ease-of-use factor could also contribute to it becoming a successful product. Alternatively, Sky Glass offers a similar value proposition. If you’re willing to wait, the standalone Sky Stream puck will eventually remove the need for Sky Glass TV entirely.

The Virgin Stream is now available for purchase via the Virgin Media website.