The lights are on, our test platforms are fully operational, and we’re back doing what we do best!

Tarinder and Parm are delighted to announce the launch of Club386, your new home for the latest in technology news and reviews. With over three decades of experience behind us, and more grey hairs than black, our passion for tech hasn’t waned. On the contrary, we are filled with renewed optimism for this next phase of our journey, and we can’t wait to see, test and evaluate all the many innovations on the horizon.

Past and Present

With the abrupt closure of cherished haunts HEXUS and bit-tech, the importance of independent tech websites has been brought into sharp focus. You expect thorough testing, insightful analysis and impartial buying advice. We will continue in that same vein, ensuring the editorial you’ve enjoyed for many years expands to serve all readers, existing and new.

As veterans of the industry, we have seen the publishing landscape change with the emergence of new mediums, and while we have enormous respect for our influencer friends, there will always be a place for the well-written word. It is our area of expertise, and though we’re excited to see how our content evolves – who wants to hear a Club386 podcast? – you’re more likely to see in-depth reviews than TikTok shorts. That’s a promise, and we call it our classic take on modern tech.

The Birth of Club386

Cue panic stations. Upon learning that our jobs ceased to exist, we spent a few minutes contemplating what to do next, and then proceeded to dive head-first into this new venture. The first port of call, a brand name. Many made it to the shortlist – including TechFlame and PCBits – yet Club386 resonated most. Enthusiasts will recognise the ’80s connotation, and not only did the seminal 386 architecture prove hugely significant for both Intel and AMD, its arrival coincided with our own immersion in the world of tech. We’ve enjoyed witnessing the launch of so many new technologies in the subsequent years, and want you to feel a part of that club.

A name means little without a website to go with it, and as writers not developers, we faced a conundrum; how to build a new site in a matter of days? Time really is of the essence – you wouldn’t want to miss tomorrow’s Alder Lake review – and so in this first instance we turned to WordPress as a means to get up and running as quickly as possible.

We’re proud of what has been put together at such short notice, and though some features are missing at launch – commenting is under construction and there are certain to be bugs along the way – we’ll develop bigger and better things in the months and years to come.

Our enterprise sets sail with literally nothing in the tank, yet we can announce that Mark Tyson, our man in Taiwan, is joining the team as pro bono News Editor and brings with him a background of authoring over 10,000 technology articles. Looking ahead, we’ll be seeking a developer, volunteers, and a creative guru to design a more imaginative brand logo – that shouldn’t be difficult!

You Make it Worthwhile

The Club386 team is heartened by the outpouring of support from readers, industry partners and fellow journalists. Your encouragement and loyalty speaks volumes, and we are truly grateful to everyone who appreciates our efforts. We have a dedicated Patreon page for those wanting to get involved directly, but for now, simply stick around, soak up the content and enjoy the ride.

Feel free to spread the word – we’re not too old-fashioned to be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – and use the contact form if you want to get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you.