$100 off puts Razer’s Steam Deck rival at its cheapest price ever

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Razer Edge WiFi currently has huge savings, bringing the gaming handheld to its best price ever.
Razer Edge WiFi gaming handheld against a white background.

Razer Edge WiFi

“The Razer Edge is custom-built to be the ultimate Android gaming handheld with an exclusive Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 and a 144Hz AMOLED display.”

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The gaming handheld space is chock full of fantastic options right now. Steam Deck OLED remains our favourite, but as others come down in price, it becomes a lot harder to pick one. Razer Edge WiFi, for example, has never been cheaper and gives a compelling argument as to why it should snake the top spot.

Before now, I never felt right recommending Razer Edge WiFi. Its $399 MSRP simply sits too close to better alternatives. Currently sporting 25% off on Amazon US, $299.99 is the lowest it’s ever been and packs a lot more value. Amazon UK shoppers aren’t without, either, as a 36% reduction brings it down to £289.99. And Europeans can get 18% to 28% off depending on the country, seeing it fall between €359.99 and €409.51.

While most handhelds run Windows or Linux, Razer Edge WiFi takes the Android approach. In fact, it’s a high-spec tablet wrapped in a Razer Kishi V2 Pro controller featuring Hypersense haptic vibrational feedback. This means you can turn just about any USB Type-C compatible smartphone into a handheld using the gamepad. Still, it’s worth keeping the core Edge touchscreen.

It excels at cloud gaming thanks to its impeccable 6.8in display. 144Hz refresh rate at FullHD resolution isn’t particularly impressive compared to other smartphones now that 120Hz is the most popular, but AMOLED looks a treat. Pitting it against the rest of the handheld market, only Steam Deck rivals in colour fidelity, but even that isn’t as quick.

Native gaming is also fantastic, powered by a 3GHz Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Kryo CPU and 6GB of RAM. You’ll need to negotiate the 128GB storage space, which isn’t the roomiest these days, but it does the trick. If you struggle, you can use the microSD slot, which supports up to 2TB. Of course, you’ll need to source the memory card yourself.

You navigate your game library using the Nexus App, which is far smoother than Asus ROG Armour Crate. Generally, it’s the only one I can stand to use other than Valve’s curated SteamOS. In Nexus, you’ll see your native Android games, cloud services like Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia GeForce Now, and you can download more from Google’s Play store. Just note that it’s the smartphone version of the app and not the tablet one.

I recommend you try it out for yourself. Amazon has a 30-day return window that lets you send the item back for a full refund if you’re not happy. There’s no reason not to give it a go since seeing is believing.

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