Alphacool reckons its Apex Stealth Metal fans are the quietest

Elegant and robust.

Alphacool Apex Stealth 120mm metal fans

Alphacool has announced the Apex Stealth Metal fans built for silent operation at any speed, thanks to a zinc frame and a special damping system.

The Apex Stealth Metal fan series will be available in two versions: one running up to 2,000rpm and another maxing out at a blistering 3,000rpm. Regardless of speed, all models measure 120mm (L) x 120mm (W) x 25mm (H) and are made from die-cast zinc. Alphacool’s Apex Stealth metal fans are advertised as ideal for mounting on radiators or as case fans due to their excellent airflow.

Both lineups will come in chrome, matte black, white, and gold models, making a good pairing for pretty much any system’s style. While I’m not personally a fan of shiny gold, the colour looks quite fetching on these metal fans – though the products may look a bit different in person.

The Apex Stealth Metal fan series ranges from 400 to 2,000rpm while consuming 2.64W, delivering 76.81CFM of airflow and 3.88mmH2O of air pressure, and sounding off at 24.6dBA. The Apex Stealth Metal Power fans, on the other hand, run from 400 to 3,000rpm at 6.60W, provide 116.89CFM of airflow alongside 6.22mmH₂O of pressure, and are a little louder at 40.2dBA.

These fans use a 6-pole motor combined with a hydrodynamic bearing (HDB) to ensure high durability. The blades, motor, and suspension are completely decoupled from the metal frame separated by a special damping system. This design absorbs all vibrations, according to Alphacool. Furthermore, you can connect several fans in series via a daisy chain system for a clutter-free build.

“The Apex product line from Alphacool represents the highest perfection. First-class materials and innovative technologies guarantee a unique premium product. Consisting of high-quality metal, the curved frame gives the Apex Stealth its distinctive design and fits perfectly into any PC build.” said Alphacool.

All Apex Stealth Metal fan models are available for pre-order on Alphacool’s store at €29.98, with triple fan packs sitting at €80.94. You’ll need to be patient with delivery estimations at 11- 12 weeks, but good things often come to those who wait.