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Alphacool Apex Stealth 120mm metal fans

Alphacool reckons its Apex Stealth Metal fans are the quietest

Are metal fans the solution for quiet operation at high speed?
Alphacool Eisbaer Pro ES 2U 80mm

Alphacool launches Eisbaer Pro ES 2U AIO liquid cooler for enterprise use

Though intended for server use, a quad-fan setup, chunky copper radiator and 130,93 m³/h airflow appeals to the enthusiast in you.

Alphacool ES Orbiter 360 TS AIO tames any PC with unbelievable 1,500W cooling capacity

Alphacool’s ES Orbiter 360 TS external cooler can manage even the hottest of components, for €499.

Alphacool launches affordable Core Ocean T38 AIO coolers starting at under €65

Alphacool unveils five CPU liquid coolers in sizes up to 420mm below €100.
alphacool Carbon HardTube 16mm x 80cm

Alphacool launches exotic carbon HardTubes in two diameters

You think brass or copper HardTubes are special? Look at these carbon ones from Alphacool.

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