AMD Zen 6 CPU might skip straight to RDNA 5 graphics

More power.

AMD launched its Ryzen 8000 series APUs recently, and they’re complete with Zen 4 and RDNA 3 integrated graphics. They’re even better if you’re willing to take the lid off and tinker a bit, too. Your first assumption might be that future APUs will use RDNA 4. That might not be the case if a new leak is anything to go by.

The upcoming Zen 5, or Ryzen 9000, lineup is slated to feature the same chiplet design as the current generation. This includes enduring a little more RDNA 3, if reports are true. Quoting insider information, Everest claims that Medusa, A.K.A. the upcoming AMD Zen 6 CPU line, will use RDNA 5 iGPUs. How exciting, skipping sequential numbers.

If it’s true, we’re keen to see how it’ll change integrated graphics. Without knowing facts and figures, it’s difficult to tell, but skipping a generation will surely provide a substantial boost. Everest has also claimed that Sony’s PlayStation 6 will use Zen 6 architecture. This could mean that AMD will become an even bigger player in both the PC gaming and console arena. It could even spell wonders for Steam Decks, Asus ROG Allys, and other future handhelds.

You shouldn’t let this stop you from considering an upgrade right now. We’ve still got to get past Zen 5, which is due to launch later in 2024. Zen 6 will likely be another year after that, so you have quite a wait on your hands. RDNA 4 should also rear its head later this year for desktop graphics cards, but it’ll reportedly target mid-range performance.

The difference between RDNA 3 and RDNA 5 could go from middling performance to cutting edge. It’s definitely not better than upgrading here and now, though, and I wouldn’t place my bets on ifs and maybes.

We’ve no way of confirming any of this information at the moment. Generally, Everest has a good track record with high accuracy and there might be weight to what they say. Still, we’re early enough in the development cycle for things to change even if they are true. For now, a healthy dose of salt goes a long way with rumours like this.