AOC adds affordable G2 series FHD monitors running at 165Hz

165Hz has become the norm.

Agon by AOC unveils four new full-HD ‘G2S’ high-refresh-rate monitors, replacing older G2U and G2AE models.

Dubbed 24G2SPU, 27G2SPU, 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE, they share a lot of similarities in their look/specs. For starters, a flat IPS panel with 1920×1080 resolution is used, running at a 165Hz refresh rate, alongside a 1ms MPRT (4ms grey-to-grey) response time and two 2W speakers for basic audio output.

A WLED backlight pushes up to 300nits of brightness, with a typical IPS static contrast ratio of 1000:1. Adaptive sync support is also present, stopping any tearing or stuttering, even though at this resolution things should go smoothly for most users harnessing a modern graphics card.

AOC G2 series 27G2SPU

As their naming implies, two sizes are on offer here, 24in (60.5cm) or 27in (68.6cm), giving ample choice to cover most use cases. That said, we recommend going with the 24in version thanks to its denser pixel arrangement.

Other small differences are present, too. For example, the absence of a USB hub on the 24G2SPAE/27G2SPAE models, plus the lack of height, pivot, swivel adjustments, leaving only tilt. However, things are not that bad, thanks to the presence of a 100x100mm Vesa mount on the back. One may be willing to sacrifice small adjustments for lower prices, making these versions somewhat attractive.

AOC G2 series 27G2SPU

Connectivity-wise, all models are equal, having two HDMI 1.4 capable of 1920×1080 at 144Hz, one DisplayPort 1.2, this time pushing full 165Hz, and lastly the venerable VGA port displaying FHD at 144Hz. Let’s not forget the 3.5mm headphone out and note that 1.8m-long HDMI plus DP cables are provided in the box.

By the way (shameless plug) if you like yourself an AOC monitor, Club386 is currently running a giveaway for an AOC 27in 165Hz QHD curved gaming screen. If you are in search for a higher resolution, we recommend the Agon Pro AG324UX.

The AOC 24G2SPU and 272SPU will be available in late March/April 2022 at £199.99 and £245.99 (RRP), respectively. While the cheaper 24G2SPAE and 27G2SPAE are scheduled for July 2022 at £179.99 and £224.99 (RRP).