AOC launches two affordable FHD 180Hz monitors

Everyone can enjoy high refresh rates.

AOC 24G4XE gaming monitor.

AOC has added two affordable gaming monitors to its G4 series, replacing the previous G2 models. With their easier-to-run FHD resolution and 180Hz refresh rate, they’re perfect for cost-conscious gamers or as a secondary display.

Available in 24in and 27in formats, the 24G4XE and 27G4XE offer a 1080p resolution at a 180Hz refresh rate. While not the fastest panels money can buy – as you can get up to 540Hz displays nowadays, they’re balanced by adequate pricing that puts them within the reach of most gamers. Aside from their size differences, both models share a similar spec. The two are based on a flat WLED IPS panel rocking a typical 1ms GtG response time and 1000:1 contrast ratio.

These are complemented with a bunch of gaming-oriented features such as G-Sync and Adaptive Sync. AOC even advertises HDR10 support, though seeing how the panel lacks any local dimming while maxing out at 300nits, we wouldn’t hold our breath for a true HDR experience. Let’s be real, you can’t expect that from this tier of products anyway.

I’m a mount man, personally, so the 100×100 VESA compatibility is right up my street. For others, a monitor’s stand can make or break it. With this series, AOC opted for a flat and small base that leaves more desk room for players who like to position their keyboards diagonally. Unfortunately, the rest of its ergonomics are basic, with only tilt support.

Lastly, both models include two HDMI 2.0 ports, one DisplayPort 1.4, dual 2W speakers, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Interested? The 24G4XE and 27G4XE will be available at £139.99 and £159.99, respectively, backed by a three-year warranty.