Apple Vision Pro is sold out, thanks to scalpers

Aaand, it’s gone.

Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple has already sold all of its Vision Pro pre-order units in record time. Lucky owners can expect to receive their headsets in a couple of weeks. While scheduled to launch on February 2, many profiteers have already started selling their units before even receiving them.

While it’s nothing new for Apple to have massive lines of customers waiting to buy its latest iPhone, the brand outdid itself this time. Shortly after the pre-orders opened, all Vision Pro flew off the digital shelves. And we’re not talking about a couple thousand units, as estimates place sales at about 160,000 to 180,000 units. If you’re thinking about checking an Apple Store for the leftovers, you might want to give it a little while. It seems none are left.

This would be impressive on a normal product, but it’s especially so for one as expensive as this. To be honest, I was expecting much less interest from customers. I suppose many believe that Apple can pull something exceptional here. At $3,499 a pop, I hope so. Users fast enough to grab one could expect shipping in five to seven weeks. Hopefully, everyone can get their headset in good time, even though Apple has apparently had some manufacturing issues.

If you are a more sensible buyer and want to try the product before sinking this much money into it, Apple will have demo units in stores for you to try.

Apple Vision Pro eBay listings.

As you can expect, many of these pre-orders come from scalpers trying to benefit from the hype. We can already find listings on eBay going from $4,000 up to $10,000. That price doesn’t even include shipping, Ouf. I wonder how many are willing to pay this much just to have it on day one.

In addition to these exorbitant prices, these units may not even fit their new owners. Apple asks to scan your face scan with any pre-order to ensure a proper light seal. Buying second-hand means that you’ll end up with your seller’s face shape. Moreover, if you use glasses, the Vision Pro will not have the proper vision correction.

It’s all very risky just to be the first to have one if you ask me. But hey, you can bet this will not stop some from jumping the gun.