Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro may be using a new M4 chip

A new development.

iPad Pro using Final Cut Pro - Image: Apple
iPad Pro using Final Cut Pro - Image: Apple

Apple could be introducing a brand-new M4 chip for its iPad Pro line, according to a reported leak.

As reported by Wccftech, an insider source claims that iPad Pro could be using the T8132 chip, which some people have discerned as the codename for the M4 chip. This would track with the trajectory of Apple’s current codenames for its silicon, such as the T8112 for M2 and T8122 for M3. It’s worth noting that the newest iPad Pro available on the market is running the older M2 chip, with M3 only currently available in MacBooks and iMacs.

This is compounded by a source alleging that Apple will skip the M3 in its upcoming iPad Pro altogether to go all-in on developing silicon that purely focuses on AI rather than the existing variants. Some say the M4 chip uses the N3E node made by TSMC, which deviates from the N3B of its predecessors. Rumours suggest this change helps fabricate chips at a larger scale, especially as this line of hardware could incorporate multiple sizes and SKUs.

One interesting detail about the alleged M4 chip is the increased focus on AI-powered processing. This is consistent with the rumoured larger neural engine that could power the tablet. The anonymous insider source claims that it’s likely to be more of an iteration than an innovation, sporting the same four performance and efficiency cores as the current crop of M3 SoCs. Given the short time between the hardware, this makes a lot of sense. In essence, the M4 could lean heavier onto its NPU without sacrificing the current level of performance.

Apple has scheduled its Let Loose event on May 7, focusing on iPads first and foremost. In around a week’s time, we’ll see whether the M4 chip takes the spotlight and, if it’s true, whether Apple will indeed go all in on AI. With so much of the computing and tablet industry moving in this direction, having the Californian company make the right moves in this space seems like the right approach. Time will tell how Apple’s latest chip will stack up against the best PC components on the market.

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