Battlefield 2042 gets day 1 patch, more on the way

EA's piecemeal update approach leaves day 1 gamers with many issues still remaining.

Battlefield 2042

Ahead of its general worldwide release today, Battlefield 2042 Update #1 was released on Thursday. Those of you that are interested in the latest Battlefield outing will be well aware that Early Access qualifiers have been playing the game for a week, but during the week a number of irksome issues in the futuristic shooter have become apparent. Update #1 (also referred to as patch 0.2.1) doesn’t address all the issues raised by Early Access players and reviewers by any means, and in the blog post about the patch EA/DICE admit it is basically the first dose of a three-course prescription of bug killer.

What the patch fixes

You can head on over to the Update #1 link top, to pick through the 10-plus bullet points checking through the fixes supplied in patch 0.2.1. However, to be brief, the patch addresses rubber-banding problems in All-Out Warfare modes, stuttering in Breakaway, team name visibility, Falck’s animations, AI spawning in Portal, and several fixes for Hazard Zone gaming.

Gamers and reviewers of the latest Battlefield game are all too aware that patch 0.2.1 thus doesn’t cover some other pimples on the game’s visage. For example, Polygon (which reviewed the game last week), notes that the following issues will remain until patch 2 and 3 come along:

  • Game lag in general
  • Hit registration issues
  • Game wide scoreboard visibility
  • Lack of voice chat
  • Connectivity and data persistence errors
  • Vehicle and weapon balancing issues need addressing

Officially, the next two patches will arrive within 30 days from the general launch today. Update #2 is described by EA/DICE as “delivering more fixes and improvements that we’ve identified during this first week of Early Access.”  By this time next month, Update #3 will arrive and represents a “larger and more substantial update.”

Gameranx made a Before You Buy video about this game, which discusses a range of bugs and wrinkles in the game, recommending mainstream gamers to keep their cash in their wallets and wait for now.