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Some Starfield stutter may be due to higher SSD utilisation

It seems that sometimes even PCIe Gen 5 SSDs are not quick enough to avoid stuttering in Starfield.
Nvidia CPU usage driver fix

Nvidia publishes 531.26 hotfix driver addressing high CPU usage bug

Nvidia responds with an official fix for the driver bug plaguing users earlier this week.
Discord Bug

Discord bug results in downclocked memory on Nvidia RTX graphics cards

A Discord issue is causing -200MHz memory clock on Nvidia RTX 30 Series cards. Here's the fix.
Windows Defender

Don’t panic Windows Defender’s Win32/Hive.ZY is a false positive

Windows Defender false positives widely reported with Chromium web browsers and Electron-based apps.
Star Wars Kotor 2 Switch Page Title Image

Game-breaking bug leaves no way to complete Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic...

Developer Aspyr is aware of a known issue that prevents players from completing the game, expect a fix on the next patch update.
AMD Ryzen Pro

AMD acknowledges Ryzen fTPM stuttering, fix planned for May 2022

There's an immediate workaround, but it might cost you.
Alder Lake

Intel whittles down list of ADL-incompatible games to just three titles

Denuvo DRM gaming issues with Alder Lake almost banished.

Rockstar apologises for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy issues

If you bought this remaster collection, you will be eligible to the classic editions for free.
Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 gets day 1 patch, more on the way

Battlefield 2042 launches to the masses today, but is it ready? Not according to many industry observers.

Windows 11 taskbar battery icon shows charging beyond 100 per cent

Users have been sharing images of their 'overcharged' Windows 11 battery icons.

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