be quiet! Light Wings fans launched in 120mm and 140mm sizes

The 'Light' makes reference to these PWM fans' visual appeal. They are be quiet!'s first aRGB fans.

German premium PC components manufacturer be quiet! has launched its first aRGB lighting-equipped fans. The new be quiet! Light Wings PWM are still “focused on performance, [and] low-noise operation,” we are assured, but this time you can switch on and configure 20 individually addressable diffused LEDs.

You came for the be quiet! performance, but stayed for the aRGB frills?

As aRGB is so clearly about appearance, be quiet! has decided to make the illumination appeal from as many angles as possible. Thus, as well as the ‘light ring’ effect you will see from these fans while looking at them from the front, the reverse also features an LED light ring (albeit a little narrower).

The aRGB functionality is configured by connecting the fans to a motherboard’s 5V aRGB header and controlled by motherboard software. As a bonus, if you buy a triple pack of the new Light Wings fans, you get a dedicated aRGB controller in the box – providing a hub that can control/sync up to six compatible components.

Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack

As I mentioned in the intro, be quiet! pledges to carry through its typical low-noise cooling performance with the Light Wings fan designs. A thick frame and adapted impellers provide stability / rigidity for assured low-noise operation through a wide variety of rotational speeds. Rifle bearings are used for service-life estimates of up to 60,000 hours.

be quiet! is initially delivering its Light Wings fans in 120 and 140mm sizes. There is another permutation to consider – normal or high speed. be quiet! says that the normal PWM model features seven fan blades and a rotational speed up to 1,700rpm (120mm) or 1,500rpm (140mm), and is ideally suited as a case fan thanks to its low operating noise. Meanwhile, it recommends you choose the nine-blade high-speed variants with up to 2,500rpm (120mm) or 2,200rpm (140mm) for pairing with heatsinks or radiators. Remember, all models are PWM controlled from your motherboard for easy monitoring and adjustments.

 Single-Pack Pricing:

  • Light Wings 120mm PWM: €22.90 / $26.90 / £22.99
  • Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed: €22.90/ $26.90 / £22.99
  • Light Wings 140mm PWM: €23.90/ $29.90 / £24.99
  • Light Wings 140mm PWM high-speed: €23.90/ $29.90 / £24.99

Triple-Pack Pricing (includes aRGB hub):

  • Light Wings 120mm PWM Triple-Pack: €69.90/ $79.90 / £59.99
  • Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack: €69.90/ $79.90 / £59.99
  • Light Wings 140mm PWM Triple-Pack: €72.90/ $84.90 / £65.99
  • Light Wings 140mm PWM high-speed Triple-Pack: €72.90/ $84.90 / £65.99

If you are interested in buying any of these new fans/fan packs, they will become available starting November 23. Detailed technical specifications are available below.