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See Govee AI Sync Box Kit 2 in action, shining pink light behind the gaming monitor.

Govee beats Philips Hue to the RGB punch with new AI sync box

Govee Sync Box 2 has beaten Philips Hue to the punch, giving its synchronised RGB lighting access to HDMI 2.1.

How to set up Corsair iCUE Link and why you should 

Corsair iCUE Link transforms your gaming PC into a visual spectacle with RGB lighting, but it's a little fiddly to set up correctly.
4D_Spiral Staircase basement_Cyan &; Magenta

Nanoleaf switches up aesthetics with all-new 4D-mirroring camera and light strip kit

Nanoleaf innovates in the lighting space with 4D-effect, real-time light syncing tech.
Hyte Nexus

Hyte is exploring RGB with a new mouse pad and control software

Hyte releases CNVS qRGB Intense Gaming Play Mat alongside Nexus RGB management software.

Gigabyte Aorus dazzles with DDR5-6000 RGB memory

High speeds and lots of lighting. But at what price?
Palit ColorPOP

Palit GeForce RTX 3060 Ti ColorPOP graphics cards launched

Palit hopes the Chameleon Green to Electric Blue to Ultra Violet shifting GPU will lure you in.

be quiet! Light Wings fans launched in 120mm and 140mm sizes

If you are interested in buying any of these new fans/fan packs, they will become available starting November 23.

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