BOE present the world’s first 110in 16K resolution display

Need a 4090 to run Tetris.

BOE 110in 16K display

BOE has unveiled a massive 110in 16K display with enough pixels to saturate multiple video interfaces at the same time.

Pictured by Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest during Display Week 2023, BOE has showcased a 2.43m-long screen rocking a 16K (15360×8640) resolution totalling 132.7 million pixels, or 16 times more than a 4K panel. This results in a 160.2PPI density which is equivalent to a 27in 4K UHD screen (163.18PPI). For reference, the 4K UHD resolution pixel count is 8.3MP.

This display runs at 60Hz and is said to reach 400nits of brightness with 1200:1 contrast while covering 99 per cent of DCI-P3 colour gamut. Not exceptional by today’s standards, but how many can claim such a resolution?

The brand also declares beyond retina when talking about the resolution, which is true as long as the viewer is sitting 55cm far or more from the screen. And with a monster like this, the owner will probably be at least one or two metres away anyway, seated in a comparably expensive couch. Two or three metres is preferable when considering the human field of view.

Funnily enough, as far as we know, Windows has a limit on the maximum continuous desktop, maxing at 32k horizontal pixels by 32k vertical pixels, with an overall pixel limit of 128 million, which is just shy of the amount found on BOE’s beast. On the graphics card side, an RTX 4090, for example, supports up to two 8K 60Hz streams with DSC using DP or HDMI.

In other words, even if the panels are advancing quickly, the interfaces are still lacking behind, at least when talking about a single-cable affair. Though this should advance quickly when such beasts become available to the masses.