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BOE 110in 16K display

BOE present the world’s first 110in 16K resolution display

BOE shows off a monster 2.43m-long screen boasting a 15360x8640 resolution.
16in 600Hz ADS Pro

BOE premieres ultra-fast 600Hz laptop gaming display

Chinese display-maker BOE tops the list for ultra-fast gaming displays with a variant capable of 600Hz refresh rates.
Laser TVs - ready for the mainstream?

UST Projector vs. OLED: Why your next big upgrade could be a Laser TV

After 14 years, my trusty Pioneer Kuro has been retired in favour of a UST projector. Here’s what I’ve found.

LG’s 42in C2 OLED TVs may not all get the new EX panel

Reviewer Vincent Teoh discovered his 42in C2 OLED doesn’t use the new LG panel.

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