Dell laptops and AIO PCs will soon be way more modular

Bring back MXM GPU cards.

Dell Concept Luna laptop modular components.

Dell announces the implementation of what it calls the ‘Circular Design Concept’ derived from its Concept Luna. The idea is to make its products more modular and sustainable in the future.

In the continuation of its sustainability endeavour through both consumer and professional electronics, Dell is widening coverage to also include laptops. The brand focuses on key concepts across the portfolio such as modular design, emission reduction, repair, recycling, and refurbishment.

In the case of laptops, all these aspects unite. Dell plans to implement more modular components and reduce adhesive/ screws utilisation, all while choosing designs that simplify access to the device’s internals for repair or upgrade. For the end user, this means Dell laptops and AIO PCs should soon become way more modular and repairable. From swappable laptop keyboards and touch pads to monitors with serviceable panels, modularity is on the rise.

Screens and keyboards are high on the list of potential replacement, and higher chances for the former if you have a cat.

Dell Concept Luna laptop split into its components.

Energy efficiency

Additionally, the brand aims to use more energy-efficient components alongside recycled materials. Notably, Dell plans to use more recycled cobalt for laptop batteries in 2024. So, longer battery life, easy repairability, and recycling, which in turn helps reduce e-waste. Dell expects to offer easy returns for broken or old products for recycling. Some parts could even be harvested to live a new life inside other machines. Sounds good.

If you are wondering, could this make repair shops and similar professions less called upon? Not necessarily. While you can simply swap a faulty part for a new one, fixing it by yourself or by a professional may end up being cheaper. And besides, if, let’s say, you have a dead drive, you will need a professional with the knowledge and tools to retrieve your data.

Nevertheless, it’s good to see a tier one manufacturer back up sustainability pledges with actual hardware.