EKWB unveils EK-Quantum Velocity2 Kinetic DDC 4.2 for AM4/5 and LGA1700 sockets

As always, a nice-looking block from EK.

EKWB is preparing the EK-Quantum Velocity2 Kinetic DDC 4.2, a combo that includes CPU water block, reservoir, DDC 4.2 pump, and RGB lighting, all in one nice-looking package.

The idea behind ​​such solutions is to reduce the space needed by the cooling system to meet the demands of users wanting to build a personalised loop in a compact chassis.

The EK-Quantum Velocity2 Kinetic DDC 4.2 is made of an acrylic piece on the bottom plus a nickel-plated brass top with two inlets and two outlets for water configurable depending on your loop design, plus a single fill port. Power cables protrude from the bottom ensuring a clean aesthetic.

The pump has a thermal pad on its PCB to transfer heat over to that brass top cover which acts as a heatsink, because DDC pumps are supposed to be cooled by air rather than liquid as is the case with D5 variants.

This combo’s 1.2Kg weight should help with any vibration caused by the pump all while keeping a small footprint that makes it compatible with practically all motherboards as its dimensions won’t exceed the free space around sockets. Moreover, its side ports are just above the height of standard RGB-lit RAM, like G.Skill’s Trident Z for example, providing wider compatibility.

Finally, the EK-Quantum Velocity2 Kinetic DDC 4.2 is compatible with current AM4 and future AM5 sockets from launch, though an LGA1700 version is marked as “coming soon.”

For now, EKWB will only offer one style/colour, and though pricing isn’t fixed we expect it to be around the €250 mark.