Enermax has the world’s smallest ATX 3.1 PSU with 12V-2×6 support

A no-compromise solution.

Enermax PlatiGemini 1200W and D.F. 12 Revolution 850W PSUs.

Enermax has showcased its latest power supply models during CES 2024. On the menu, we have the world’s smallest ATX 3.1 PSU with a 12V-2×6 connector alongside a Platinum-certified model supporting both regular 24-pin and 10-pin/12VO motherboards.

PlatiGemini Series

Available in a 1,200W capacity, the PlatiGemini is the first power supply that meets both Intel’s ATX 3.1 and ATX12VO standards without requiring any additional adapters. The series aims to minimise energy waste while achieving higher efficiency when fully loaded. Note that ATX12VO-ready systems should be especially efficient when the computer is idling.

Enermax PlatiGemini 1200W PSU.

The ATX12VO standard, for those unfamiliar with PSUs, is a new design pushed by Intel, delivering only 12V to the PC. Regular ATX PSUs that most of us currently have inside their machines also provide 5V and 3.3V in addition to the 12V rail. This new standard tries to streamline this by focusing the PSUs on the 12V alone, thus relying on the motherboard to step down the voltage for any components that need it. This could be, for example, 5V for a 2.5in SATA drive.

The PlatiGemini 1,200W boasts up to 92% efficiency, netting it an 80 Plus Platinum rating. It also uses 100% Japanese capacitors for improved longevity and reliability. These components are cooled by a 135mm dual-ball-bearing fan featuring what the brand calls ‘dust-free-rotation’. We believe it’s a self-cleaning procedure that runs the fan faster or backwards in order to push dust outside.

Revolution D.F. 12 Series

Available in 750W or 850W and in black or white, the Revolution D.F. 12 is a compact series measuring only 122mm in depth. These models follow the ATX 3.1 standard which offers native 12V-2×6 connectors capable of providing 600W via a single cable, all while supporting up to 235% power excursion. If you need more capacity, check the D.F.X series available in 1,200W.

This series rocks a lower yet acceptable 90% efficiency, netting it the 80 Plus Gold badge. Once more, we find 100% Japanese capacitors cooled by a 115mm dual-ball-bearing fan. The latter also supports the so-called dust-free-rotation.

Design-wise, the white D.F. 12 model is especially nice-looking thanks to its matching fan and connector colours. The PlatiGemini and Revolution D.F. 12 PSUs, meanwhile, will be available in late Q1 2024.