FSP announces Dagger Pro series of SFX PSUs with up to 850W capacity

Condensed power.

FSP Dagger Pro

FSP has launched the fully-modular Dagger Pro series of SFX PSUs, bringing the latest technologies in a small size, without skimping on efficiency and build quality.

Previously briefly presented among other FSP PSU lineups, the Dagger Pro is an SFX-format power supply measuring 125mm (L) × 100mm (W) × 63.5mm (H) and reaching 90 per cent (80 Plus Gold) efficiency at 50 per cent load.

Available in 750W or 850W models, the Dagger Pro uses Japanese electrolytic capacitors and a single 12V rail design, allowing it to deliver its entire capacity when needed. The 92mm ball-bearing fan kicks into action above 20 per cent loads, meaning the PSU operates silently when the PC is idling. Even at full tilt, FSP reckons there’s no more than 40dB of noise.

FSP Dagger Pro - Kit

Compatible with most Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX small-form-factor PCs, both models follow the ATX 3.0 standard and feature OCP, OVP, SCP, OPP, plus OTP protections and carry active PFC.

The duo is bundled with the same flat cable set, i.e. one 350mm 24-pin, two 450mm CPU 8-pin, two PCIe 6+2 (two connectors each), one 500mm 12VHPWR, one 450mm SATA (four ports), and one SATA/Molex (two of each connector). A fair amount considering the PSUs’ capacities.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, the Dagger Pro will set you back $179 for the 850W model or $159 for 750W.

FSP is a known ODM/OEM that manufactures quality PSUs for other brands, so these should be an acceptable standard. But as always, check out reviews before jumping in – there’s plenty of competition in this space.