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Lenovo GeForce RTX 4060

Lenovo’s miniscule RTX 4060 is how an entry-level Nvidia graphics card ought to look

It's a shame you can't buy it as a standalone card, as this looks perfect for a small-form-factor build.
FSP Dagger Pro

FSP announces Dagger Pro series of SFX PSUs with up to 850W capacity

FSP introduces ATX 3.0-ready Dagger Pro offering Gold efficiency for SFF machines.
Fractal Ridge

Fractal Design mixes SFF and elegance with 12.6-litre Ridge chassis

Fractal announces Ridge SFF computer case with space for up to 335mm-long graphics cards.
Intel NUC 13 Extreme

Intel shows off NUC 13 Extreme Raptor Canyon PC with room for triple-slot graphics

Intel teases larger NUC 13 Extreme powered by Core i9 processor and GPU of your choice.
ASRock DeskMeet X300

ASRock DeskMeet X300 Compact PC review: small in size, big on value

Low-cost foundation for a capable small-form-factor build.

Aorus Model S Mini-ITX system updated to Intel 12th Gen Core

Meet Gigabyte’s new compact SFF gaming PC and its unique Xbox-like cooling system.

Minisforum launches Elitemini B550 with Ryzen 7 APU and external GPU support

A novel approach to mini PCs with full-size graphics.

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