G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB offers fast 96GB DDR5 kits

Exactly what I want.

Black G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5.

G.Skill has announced its Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 series for Intel platforms. This new lineup brings high speed to the modern 48GB modules, without forgetting the bling.

The Ripjaws M5 RGB series will initially be available up to 6,400MT/s speed and 96GB (2x48GB) capacity. Other variants will become available down the line, offering 6,000MT/s, 5,600MT/s, and 5,200MT/s, in capacities ranging from 32GB (2x16GB) to 96GB (2x48GB). Not all capacities come with faster speeds, though, so you’ll need to check the table below for more details.

G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 specs.

When it comes to latency, this new series ranges from 40-40-40 timings on the slowest DDR5-5200 parts up to 32-39-39 on the fastest DDR5-6400. Regardless of the speed you select, these modules include Intel XMP 3.0 profiles for quick and easy configuration that unlocks their full potential. More variants should join the lineup later, potentially boasting higher speeds.

As you can guess, these are mainly targeting Intel platforms, even though nothing is stopping them from working on AMD’s, assuming you like tinkering a bit. That said, to avoid any disappointment, use them as G.Skill prescribes.

White G.Skill Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5.

The Ripjaws M5 RGB DDR5 modules boast a clean design, cooled by 41mm tall matte white or matte black aluminium heat spreaders and topped by an RGB bar for those who like some colours in their builds. I must say, I prefer this design over the Trident Z 5 series, though both are easy on the eyes. Also, 2x48GB at above 6,000MT/s is exactly what I have in mind for a potential upgrade. Now, all that’s left is to wait for an EXPO variant.

The Ripjaws M5 RGB series has no pricing yet, though you can expect around £370 for a 96GB (2x48GB) kit. Not to forget the usual lifetime warranty. We should see these hit the market this month.