Gorgeous Ducky One 3 keyboards hit best price ever in the UK 

A new coat of paint for your setup.

Ducky One 3 Mist falls to its lowest price yet.
Ducky One 3 Mist gaming keyboard against a white background.

Ducky One 3 Mist

“Level up your aesthetics with the Ducky One 3 Keyboard, sporting vibrant colours from bezel to keycaps.”

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It took me longer than I care to admit that we PC gamers need to treat our fingertips better. We spend so long at our desktops that it’s not just a luxury to equip a good keyboard. It’s a necessity. Ducky is a leading brand in the space, and its One 3 Mist gaming keyboard is currently at its lowest price.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s absolutely stunning. There are more than a few colourways, but the Mist features a blend of greys and whites that fit just as much in an office as they do in a gaming setup. The dashes of pink give it some flair, but they’re entirely optional. As a member of Club386, I’m a little biased, but I’d happily deck the enter, arrow, and some navigation keys in the colour.

It’s not just form, though; it’s function. The multi-layer EVA foam works with Q-Bounce pads to dampen sound and make each press as satisfying as the last. The custom stabilisers are responsive and go hand-in-hand with the mechanical switches, no matter which you choose. And the dual-layer PCB gives it longevity, so it shouldn’t kick the bucket with even the heaviest typists.

There are several sizes to pick, but each gets a 22% discount on OverclockersUK. While you might be able to find other themes cheaper, like classic black or pure white, these are the best prices yet for Mist specifically.

The full Ducky One 3 Mist with all keys accounted for comes down to £116.99 with a choice of Cherry MX Brown or Red switches. Chopping off the numpad slims the price further, as tenkeyless (TKL) 80% costs you just £109.19 with the same Brown or Red choices.

My personal favourite is the 65% version, which has no numpad and condenses the keys even further. This gives you more room to swing your mouse in FPS games. Unlike smaller versions, you get to keep the arrow keys, which are essential for my line of work. This model costs £101.39 and gives you the option of Cherry MX Brown, Blue, Red, Silent Red, or Speed Silver switches.

All switches here are mechanical. They give a unique thunk to each press compared to the rubber dome models you find in offices and schools. Although most brands now craft their own, Cherry is still among the most respected switch manufacturers. It’s difficult to recommend which to choose as it’s all based on personal preference. I, personally, lean towards tactile switches like Browns because they give a satisfying click with each press.

The deal won’t last long, so it’s worth snapping one up sooner rather than later. Otherwise, check our deals page each day for a new discount, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or subscribe to our free newsletter for the best sales right to your inbox.