Hogwarts Legacy official artbook leak reveals exclusive details mere weeks before launch

A well-rounded affair.

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is almost here, and as such leaks have been seeping in from all corners of the online stratosphere. The latest comes courtesy of an official artbook that reveals all sorts of new information about the game, detailing quest types, how long it will take to finish the campaign and more.

First off, the leak confirms there are three distinct quest types that you will encounter during your stay at the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Namely, The Golden Path, Side Missions, and Class Assignments.

The Golden Path has been touched on by the developers before and is essentially the primary quest. Here’s where your character will learn the basic elements of magic and progress throughout the main story. This centres around your ability to wield ancient magic, and a plot to thwart who we assume to be the main antagonist, Victor Rookwood and his criminal gang. There’s also mention of a “goblin rebellion that threatens Hogwarts.”

Hogwarts Legacy Exploration

Those privy to the original story’s extensive background lore can recall that the goblin rebellions first occurred in 1612, and a second in 1752. Taking place in 1890, this could be a continuation of the one before it, or entirely new lore written exclusively for Hogwarts Legacy. Still, nice attention to detail from Avalanche Software.

Side Missions are more open ended quests featuring iconic locations in an around Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the surround Highlands, that will help define what type of witch or wizard you wish to become during the course of the game. There are many NPCs looking for help in the wizarding world and your choices, be it good or evil, will be remembered by those characters, so choose wisely. Also, the book mentions these expressions “can come down to being downright evil.” Definitely getting Mass Effect 2 vibes here.

Finally, there are Class Assignments. Yes, like Rockstar’s Bully (or Canis Canem Edit), we get to roleplay as real students. The details confirm that players will have an opportunity to learn spells and charms in both the Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms classes, each with there respective professors. Class assignments are said to encourage “players to explore the castle and the Highlands to find, collect, and battle where needed.” While not mentioned, we hope that Herbology and Potions classes might also be included as part of our daily schedule.

Hogwarts Legacy Class

According to the art book, it will take players approximately 35 hours to finish the main game, while completionists will likely find themselves spending about 75 hours to cross off every side mission, achievement and collectible. Of course, the book covers over 100 pages of exclusive insights from the development team that can easily be found online, though we suggest to avoid seeking it out, unless you wish to spoil your initial playthrough.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on February 10, while PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released April 4. Finally, a Nintendo Switch version will arrive July 25. We have no idea how these versions will differ in terms of scope and quality, so best wait for reviews before picking your platform of choice.