In the land of sexy graphics cards, MSI’s Monster Hunter GPU is king

The king of monsters looks way better in-person.

MSI's RTX 4060 Ti graphics card looks way better in-person.

When we got our first look at MSI’s Monster Hunter 20th anniversary components earlier this week, I was intrigued but not particularly wowed. After visiting the brand’s CES 2024 booth and seeing them for myself, however, I’m a complete convert.

Considering graphics cards are the component equivalent of a supercar to us PC enthusiasts, the official press images just looked a little underwhelming to me. It’s the definition of photos not doing it justice, though, as the reds look way more reminiscent of a Rathalos in-person. The three prongs down the centre of the RTX 4060 Ti even look like a tear, as if the mascot has ripped right through it.

MSI gaming monitor rear, showing Monster Hunter design.

In fact, it’s the same for all the special edition parts and peripherals. The MAG 274QRF QD E2 gaming monitor is far more vibrant, looking more like a showpiece. It was a particular favourite of the MSI team and both Club386’s Parm and Tarinder.

I personally feel the Corsshair 16 HX gaming laptop perhaps stole the show a little more. The intricate monochrome design on the hood showing a Rathalos mid-fight makes me want to boot World even now. You won’t see it too much, but everyone looking your way certainly can.

With Monster Hunter Wilds on the way next year, MSI tells us that more things are on the way. Hopefully we’ll see more inspiration from other monsters in the series. My money’s on Diablos, but I’d prefer to see the good old Deviljho get some love.