Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition graphics card on sale in Japan for an astounding £125

Unbelieveable, Jeff.

Intel Arc A750 LE

Intel believes it has made large strides in making nascent Arc desktop graphics cards more attractive to enthusiasts. Now boasting substantially higher performance, particularly in DX9 titles, than available from the launch driver last year, dropping the recommended retail price for the Arc A750 Limited Edition GPU to $249 further sweetens the deal.

The new price-to-performance ratio puts Arc in a good position, according to Team Blue, but there’s much better value to be had if you happen to be in Japan. You see, retail store Koubou Nipponba is presently selling the A750 LE for 19,800 yen, including VAT, or merely £125, assuming an exchange rate of one pound to 160 yen.

An absolutely cracking deal, truth be told, as that’s a lot of performance for not much outlay. Going by recent tests, A750 LE is good enough for FHD gaming with medium-to-high quality settings, which naturally taps into a large swathe of the games-playing market.

It’s a real shame deals are for in-store purchases only, and looking around UK retailers, pricing is double that offered in Japan, coming in at £250 or so. We wonder how long it will be before Intel hands out rebate money to ensure Arc remains front and centre. A price snip to sub-£200 ought to do the trick.

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