Intel Arc GPU beta driver improves Starfield performance

Intel is on the job.

Starfield and Intel Arc Logo Mashup.

The latest Intel Arc graphics driver has arrived, and version 101.4972 beta focuses on performance. Team Blue enthusiasts still grappling with Starfield fps issues need look no further. This test version addresses lower than expected frame rates and stability issues brought about by the latest game patch (1.8.86). Plus, Intel has taken the time to identify a host of known issues affecting various other titles. Let’s get into it.

While this beta version provides a lot less than what we expect from Intel, it’s quite comforting to know that Team Blue is aware of the issues. Hopefully, this translates to a much beefier driver update in the near future. For now, you need to be aware that games such as Ghostrunner 2, Total War: Pharaoh, and Dead by Daylight are all experiencing issues, ranging from minor to frustrating.

For example, Ghostrunner 2 and Dead by Daylight players may experience sporadic application crashes during gameplay. While those playing Total War: Pharaoh could experience total (pun intended) corruption after a resolution change in game. This seems to affect only certain displays.

You can avoid the latter now that you’re aware of it, but that shouldn’t be on you. Thankfully, Intel’s on the case. Lest we forget, Topaz Video AI may also experience some errors when using model for enhancement. Also, should you experience any problems with this beta driver, you can always revert back to the most stable version.

Certainly a mixed bag of bugs that need to be addressed. You can download the Intel Arc GPU graphics driver 101.4972 beta via the link provided. For your convenience the patch notes can are found here. Happy gaming, all.