Intel Core i3-14100 CPU sample is already on sale

The full stack will soon be completed.

Intel Core i3-14100 quad-core desktop CPU.

Harukaze5719 on X (Twitter) has spotted a sample of the unreleased Intel Core i3-14100 selling in China. The Raptor Lake Refresh-based chip offers four cores at 3.5GHz, a basic iGPU for video output, and encoding/decoding.

This Core i3-14100 was spotted on Goofish before the official release of the final version, priced at ¥850 (£95). Since the CPU is yet to release, the version in question is a QS (Qualification Sample). These non-final versions tend to poorly overclock, if at all, and may also come clocked a bit lower. QS and ES (Engineering Sample) terms are quite common on Ebay and Chinese storefronts, often sold quite cheaply.

While the CPU IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) doesn’t carry any QS or ES markings, the seller indicates that it’s a QS chip. They also assert that the frequency will be identical to the final release.

The Intel Core i3-14100 desktop processor in someone's fingertips.
Source: harukaze5719 on X (Twitter)

Since Intel’s 14th Gen chips are refreshes of the 13th Gen, this i3-14100 will probably fare similarly to the i3-13100. We can expect 4-cores and 8-threads without any E-cores, clocked at 3.5GHz as mentioned by the Goofish post. This represents a tiny 100MHz uplift in frequency, meaning that the boost clocks could sit around 4.6GHz. Power consumption should stay roughly the same, with base and maximum turbo power hovering around 60W and 110W respectively.

Likewise, the integrated graphics portion should feature Intel’s UHD Graphics 730, offering 24 Execution Units clocked at 300MHz base and 1.5GHz boost. The iGPU inside might be small, but it’s still mighty enough to support up to four displays.

Intel will supposedly release the non-K series CPUs in January next year, with an official announcement during Intel’s December 14 event.