Intel Core i5-1250P ‘Alder Lake’ mobile CPU spotted in laptop

It is entirely possible that Alder Lake makes even more sense on laptops.

Intel Core chip

Rumours are abound that Intel will release a bevy of 12th Gen Core processors during the CES 2022 timeframe next week. Part of this release, it is said, will revolve around a slew of mobile processors destined for a wide range of laptops.

Makes sense, too, as high-performance laptops continue to be a growth area for all the major companies – Intel, Nvidia and AMD.

Serial leakers Benchleaks have gotten hold of what appears to be a Geekbench 5 CPU score for the unreleased Core i5-1250P. It is common for laptop makers to be furnished with pre-production chips that they run through the paces before finalising products, and some bright spark at MSI has uploaded the not-to-be-published results some way ahead of time.

Run on a business-class Prestige 14 A12SC, this Core i5-1250P chip appears to be a 28W offering, meaning its destination is for relatively thin-and-light gaming laptops. The restrained power consumption figures do little to dampen performance, however, as the 12-core, 16-thread part scores solid numbers in the popular test.

Understanding the hybrid nature of Intel’s latest processors indicates the chip uses four hyperthreaded Performance and eight non-hyperthreaded Efficient cores.

The posted single-core number fares well against the desktop Core i5-12600K that Club386 reviewed recently. Of course, multi-threaded performance is some way down as we expect the 1250P to rein in all-core frequency considerably, due to its restrained power budget, but any multi-core score near 10,000 indicates solid everyday chops.

Other interesting titbits include a probable 18MB of L3 cache, a relatively low 2.1GHz base clock, and a Socket 1744 form factor also present on upcoming H-series 12th Gen mobile processors.

12th Gen Core has already made quite a splash on the desktop, bringing Team Blue back into the high-performance fold. Laptops offer even more promise, in our opinion, so 2022 is shaping up to be a really interesting year for mobile computing.

Source: Benchleaks.